Our Favorite Pregnancy Blogs to Follow in 2017

December 29, 2016

When you first find out you’re pregnant, you can’t get enough information about pregnancy, your baby, what’s happening inside of your body, what you should be doing for your body to grow a healthy baby  – and so on, ad nauseam. Well, look no further.

The team here at Women’s Health Associates is crazy about pregnancy blogs as well, and we’ve assembled a list of our favorites for you to follow. We’ve done our best to include the basic blogs as well as some that pertain to niche pregnancy scenarios – including women pregnant via IVF, a blog for the modern, LGBTQ+ family, and even one written by a woman with a cancer diagnosis.

7 of Our Favorite Pregnancy Blogs for 2017blogs to follow

We hope these serve as a connection to other women who are pregnant just like you, as well as informative resources as you move through your own pregnancy experience.

American Pregnancy Association

While not exactly a blog, the American Pregnancy Association website is set up like one big blog – with every single topic pertaining to the most recent research and information about conception, pregnancy, coping with morning sickness, pregnancy warning signs, labor, delivery and breastfeeding. We’re listing this resource first because while we love personal blogs, there is no guarantee the information found there is 100% accurate or based on the most recent research. Always verify anything you read with an authentic source, and the APA is certainly one of the best.

Birth Without Fear

As much joy and excitement as pregnancy can bring, it can also show you what true fear feels like. Worries about the baby’s development, combined with worries of what your pregnancy and delivery will be like, can wreak havoc on your emotional and physical well-being – and, ironically, that’s not good for the baby. We recommend visiting Birth Without Fear, an absolutely wonderful blog that discusses pregnancy and birth from every angle possible and educates women about their options so you can feel informed, empowered and in control of things – as much as that’s possible, anyway.

Pregnant With Cancer

Here are two words that rarely go together in a sentence – pregnant and cancer. Yet, it happens. Women with cancer get pregnant and women who are pregnant can wind up diagnosed with cancer. The Pregnant With Cancer website doesn’t have a blog, but it does share more than 25 survivor stories that can inspire you and provide important information about your options should cancer happen to you during your childbearing years.

Baby Making Machine

We’re going to link the Baby Making Machine blog back to when author Jennifer started writing about being pregnant. That was back in 2010. Now, however, this powerhouse mama is the mother of two beautiful children, a career and a passion for her multiple hobbies and life in general. There is much wisdom and commiseration to be had here and we think you’ll appreciate her down to earth, honest and easy writing style.

Fertility Diary

The Fertility Diary, written by Amy Klein and published on the NYT website has captured hearts all over the world. While the fertility entries are amazing, we find her honest feelings about life AFTER fertility success to be the most compelling. New motherhood is never easy, and women who’ve given everything they had to get pregnant, can find themselves struggling with negative emotions they never anticipated in all the months and years leading up to their pregnancy. The Fertility Diary shines a light on all of it.

Gay Parents to Be

The Gay Parents to Be blog is wonderful for all manner of LGBTQ+ partnerships and individuals who are going down the pregnancy path. There are wide range of blogs, written about the myriad of situations that gay, lesbian and transgender adults find themselves in when deciding to get pregnant – on their own, with ART, or via a gestational carrier – as well as what it’s like to be pregnant and parenting in a modern family.

Dispelling Breastfeeding Myths

There’s no doubt about it; breastmilk is the best source of nutrition for your baby. There are plenty of wonderful breastfeeding blogs out there – and we highly recommend checking out the La Leche League website if you haven’t already – but this blog is one of our favorites. Rather than being about one mother’s breastfeeding story/stories and/or breastfeeding advocacy – Dispelling Breastfeeding Myths largely reads as one large Q&A about breastfeeding, with real questions, from real women – and highly informative and interesting answers.

Do you have a favorite pregnancy blog that you’d like to suggest? Please leave your recommendations in the WHA comment box below. Happy reading and, of course, feel free to contact us here at Women’s Health Associates if you’re ready to find a women-centric healthcare team to take care of you and your baby.

image: pixabay.com