Healthy Babies Start with Proper Planning

January 21, 2016

It makes sense that women with healthy bodies are the most likely to experience low-risk pregnancies, less complicated deliveries and healthy babies. However, that typically takes a little planning and preparation.

Healthy Babies

Healthy Baby

“Healthy Babies Start with Proper Pregnancy Planning,” is the title of an article published in the Winter 2016 issue of KC Parent, and we highly recommend reading it. While the information is right on par, we’re also quite pleased – and proud! – that WHA’s own Dr. Reagan Wittek was quoted as one of the expert resources.

What Does Proper Pregnancy Planning Mean For You?

Proper pregnancy planning runs the gamut from addressing any current reproductive issues (frequently missed periods or painful periods, for example), to eating well, maintaining a healthy BMI and honing in on a healthcare provider who you trust to support you through your prenatal, labor and deliver and postpartum journey.

One of our favorite things about the article is that it advocates that women listen to their bodies. This is such an important piece of the puzzle and one that many, more traditional healthcare provider dismiss pretty easily. Only you are the expert on your body – what’s normal and what’s not – so make sure to find a healthcare provider that values your observations, insights and gut instincts.

You can read Healthy Babies Start With Proper Pregnancy Planning HERE. In the meantime, if you are looking for healthcare practice that is run by women, for women, and that is dedicated to providing patients with unparalleled, personal attention– we’re pretty sure Women’s Health Associates is the right fit for you.

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