Summertime Family Fun in Kansas City

June 8, 2022

summer kids playingThere are only so many days one can stroll through the air-conditioned mall before the natives grow restless. The good news is there are all kinds of fun, family-friendly things to do in and around Kansas City during the summer months.

7 Things to Do with the Kids This Summer in Kansas City

We’ve tried to focus the majority of our recommendations on events, places, and activities that are either free or reasonably priced – with a few higher-end options thrown in the mix.

1) Get together for girls’ day out – with the wee ones.

Wouldn’t life be grand if there was a standing, weekly girls’ night out? Unfortunately – most of us aren’t that lucky. The next best thing is to find kid-friendly places where you can get together with the girls for food you actually enjoy (no need to order the chicken tenders if you don’t want to), maybe even grab a cocktail or a beer – and where kids are welcome. Read Kid-Friendly Dining in Kansas City and get some dates on the calendar.

2) Little ones and big ones love StoneLion Puppet Theatre

StoneLion Puppet Theater

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At StoneLion Puppet Theatre, children are delightfully transported into fantasyland as they watch all manner of puppets come to life. The puppeteers work with and/or create every type of puppet from marionettes and masks, to shadow, mouth and rod puppets. In addition to enjoying the show, adults can enjoy watching all it takes to make these wonderful theatre productions come to life.

3) Enjoy a big slice of wilderness in the heart of Kansas City

The Anita B Gorman Conservation Center is a beautiful place to be, right in the middle of the city. The center is part of the Kauffman Legacy Park and encompasses more than seven acres of park-like grasslands, more than two-miles of walkways (including .25 miles of accessible walkway), as well as wetlands, a butterfly garden, wild lands, a bird feeding garden and other irresistible attractions (we’ve heard rumors of tigers…). Don’t forget to check out their 2022 Summer Programs.

4) The family that splashes together, stays together

The staff here at Women’s Health Associates are huge fans of Kansas City waterparks. It’s not always easy to find a single destination that pleases multiple children at various stages of development – and water slides and wave pools are definitely one of those.

  • The Bay Water Park offers a wide range of ways to cool off on those hot summer days!  From the a surf simulator and lazy river to the family play pool, there’s sure to be something for everyone in your family to enjoy.  You can also sign your kiddos up for swim lessons or even host a summer birthday party at the park!
  • Worlds of Fun/Oceans of Fun is two parks in one!  Oceans of Fun is the biggest waterpark in the Midwest and has the largest mat racing waterslide in the world.  But if water isn’t your thing, you can take in the attractions at Worlds of Fun.  There are also plenty of dining options and cabanas for rent if you’d like a place to take a rest during your day of fun!
  • Great Wolf Lodge is like a staycation but in a lodge. If you don’t have the funds or enough time off to take a longer vacation staying at the Great Wolf Lodge can be a fun way to get away from home, enjoy the A/C at whatever temp you want and enjoy their waterpark rides and slides to boot.

5) Let your teens zip their way through KC treetops

Zip KC

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Haven’t been able to fund that trip to Costa Rica just yet? Never you worry. Zip KC has you covered. This local zip line park is open Tuesdays through Sundays and your teens and tweens will think you’re the coolest parents around for suggesting it. In addition to a range of different zip line tours, the park also offers hiking paths and obstacle courses, so it’s a place the whole family can enjoy.

6) Enjoy a day under the sea

We’re a little landlocked here in Kansas City and it isn’t always easy to get the whole family on a beach vacation. That’s why we’re thrilled Kansas City is finally home to an amazing aquarium – SEA Life. If you purchase tickets online, adult tickets start at just $16.75 and kids 0 – 2-years are free. Once you’re in, you can stay until closing time and if you pace yourself, there’s more than enough to see and do for an entire day.

7) Spend a day at the museum(s)

Who doesn’t love a good museum? Museums intentionally design programs that tailored to various ages and areas of interests. Another awesome thing about museums is that most of them offer Free admissions days so check out their websites to establish those ahead of time. There are way too many KC-area museums to list here, so we recommend checking out TripAdvisor’s List of the 10 Best Museums in Kansas City to start creating your museum itinerary.

We wish all of you a safe and healthy summer vacation – don’t forget the hats and sunscreen…