Support Groups for New Moms in Kansas City

August 5, 2022

Once the Baby Moon is over and your Meal Train has come to a dead halt – new motherhood can be pretty overwhelming. New moms are likely to feel lonely, depressed (possibly post-partum depressed without realizing it), isolated, depleted – and unable to talk to anyone about it. This is where support groups for new moms comes into play…

Check Out One of These Great Moms Groups in the KC Area

Fortunately, Kansas City and the surrounding areas have all kinds of options for moms – whether it be a full-blown support group or simply a place where you can get come exercise without having to fork it out for a sitter.

Here are some of the support groups and networks worth giving a try if you’d like to connect with new and/or experienced moms just like you!

Breastfeeding Support Group – Overland Park

Breastfeeding is undoubtedly best for both mother and baby, but that doesn’t mean nursing always comes as easy as you might have imagined. Fortunately, breastfeeding support groups like the one hosted by Overland Park Regional Medical Center are out there to lend a helping hand.

In addition to weekly weigh-ins and hands-on breastfeeding support by lactation consultants, you’ll also be meeting with other new, breastfeeding mothers, a great way to form long-lasting friendships and your own, internal support group.


MOMS Club is an international, non-profit organization without any religious connection. It exists to connect MOMS of all ages, with children at home, in order to provide support, baby- and toddler-friendly get-togethers, fun family events as well as their very well-attended MOMS Night Out events, which happen about every month.

Hike It Baby

Do you like to get outside? So do the members of Hike It Baby, a state-wide group that connects parents who want to experience the great outdoors, in addition to (or as opposed to) street-side stroller walking or continuous, indoor coffee talks.


Here’s another Mom-centric support group that pairs getting in shape and living a healthy lifestyle with some mom support and child-friendly endeavors. You can connect with FIT4MOM in Overland Park via their Facebook page. FIT4MOM is a gym that hosts Mommy-and-Me style exercise routines – Stroller Barre classes, for example – as well as Stroller Stride classes that take place outside. The personal testaments on their Facebook page say it all when it comes to the sanity this business provides for moms of all types – both stay-at-home and working.

The Single Mom KC

Thank you founders of The Single Mom KC, for devoting your cause to mothers who need even more support than the partnered version: the single mom. Being a single mom is no walk-in-the park, and it can feel even more isolating than your average motherhood experience. Their services range from good ol’ fashioned social and emotional support – to hosting events that help single moms procure the wardrobes they need for their work life, finding high-quality, affordable childcare for their children, and so on.

Are you having a difficult time adjusting to motherhood. You are NOT alone. Contact us here at Women’s Health Associates and we’ll put you in contact with a support group that suits your situation and interests.