Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day – Whether You’re a Mother or Not

May 4, 2020

“May your Mother’s Day this year combine a recognition of the hard with a celebration of the magical.”Tania Lombrozo

Women’s Health Associates would like to wish you a wonderful Mother’s Day, one that recognizes the hard work you do, and the hard work important women around you do, as well as the magic that is inherent in the process we call Life. We realize that this year is a little bit different than past year. We may not be able to be with are mothers other than a Zoom or Facetime call. Here are a few ways to celebrate if we need to be socially distance.

Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day – Whether You’re a Mother or Not!

There are plenty of traditional ways to celebrate Mother’s Day, most of which involve activities like getting dressed up for church or a special breakfast, attending brunch at a favorite restaurant or hosting an annual Mother’s Day dinner. These are probably not happening this year. But, maybe you got breakfast in bed (lucky you!) or laid in bed wishing the latter was the case (we have ideas for you, too!).

Here are some less traditional but meaningful ideas for making Mother’s Day a little extra special this year.

Send a card to someone else’s mother. There are so many different kinds of mothers in the world. Some of them are biologically related and others are related by marriage, friendship, or what we like to call our “soul mothers.” These are the women who didn’t give birth to you but who helped to shape who you are. Send a card to a woman whose motherly love made a difference in your life, even if you never called her mom.

Write a Thank You to an important woman in your life. On a related note, you may have a favorite teacher, mentor or former boss whom you credit for helping to make you who you are – even if they didn’t have a large presence in your life or have been out of touch for some time. Take the time to write a Thank You letter, and tell her how her role in your life made a difference.

Send a message to a childless friend. Do you have a friend who is battling an infertility diagnosis or who is trying to conceive a child? Mother’s Day is a particularly painful day for women who want to be mothers but can’t. Consider sending a card, text or note letting her know that you love her, support her and that you are thinking about her. Perhaps you can say a prayer, add her to your daily meditations or plant some flower seeds to honor her future fertility dreams come true.

Host an event that honors mothers who are no longer with us. Losing a mother is one of the most painful and crippling experiences people go through in life. It’s no wonder; your mother is the person you have been tethered to physically, and then emotionally, from the day you were conceived. Those whose mothers have passed on can feel a tender ache on Mother’s Day. Consider hosting a special version of Mother’s Day, or set a portion of the afternoon aside, to remember those mothers who are no longer with us, and to honor the wake their loss leaves behind.

Women’s Health Associates wishes you and your family a very Happy Mother’s Day in whatever form it takes for you.