We’re Expecting! Pregnancy Guide Month Four

July 23, 2015

Do you hear the “Hallelujah Chorus” sounding off in your head? That’s probably because you have officially entered Month Four of your pregnancy, also referred to as the start of your second trimester. There are lots of fun things about this stage in the game. This trimester is when women who suffer from morning sickness tend to feel a noticeable relief.

Also, by this month, your bump is starting to grow more visibly. If this is your second or third baby, odds are you are already showing. If this is your first baby, your belly will grow noticeably with every week from this point forward. This phase of your pregnancy is typically thought of as “the fun” part of pregnancy.

We're Expecting! Pregnancy Guide Month Four

What’s Going on For Mommy and Baby?

By Month 4, your baby is a lot more “baby” and less “fetus-like.” Everything is getting more proportional in the way her body looks, and she is experiencing an “awakening” of sorts in the sense that she is starting to do things like yawn, swallow and suck her thumb. She can also grasp with her hands and kick with her feet – and you are likely to be feeling those motions pretty soon now. At first, they may feel like little bubbles or butterflies drifting around in there. By the end of the month, she will be about 10 inches long from her head to her heels and will weigh about 10 ounces or so – making her the size of a banana.

As we mentioned above, you are probably showing by now and your uterus is about the size of a cabbage –it’s hard to hide that one. You may notice your appetite is increasing and so your normal energy is returning. Yaaaay! Because of your rapidly growing uterus – and the pressure it places on other organs in the abdominal cavity – heartburn may become an issue. Try to avoid eating heavy meals – grazing on healthy pregnancy foods instead. If you can, avoid laying down within a couple hours after finishing your meals. If you do need to lay down or dinner is always late, simply elevate your upper-half on pillows to keep those digestive juices from flowing upwards.

What’s Happening for Daddy?

Your baby’s father will be excited to finally see that bulging belly – more concrete evidence that a baby really IS in there. A return of your appetite and energy may mean a return to your “couplehood” again. This trimester you may find yourself able to take those walks, go on dates, or enjoy a little romantic physical time that might not have seemed as interesting during the first trimester.

Make sure Dad is included in ultra-sound visits and other important prenatal information. This is the month to determine whether or not you want to know what you’re having – boy or girl – and how you feel about either scenario. Better for the conversation to happen before you’re in the ultrasound technician’s office.

What’s Happening for Sister and Brother?

Now that you have a bump to feel, your other children will continue to feel more bonded to the baby. Encourage them to talk to the baby, sing, or read to her. She’ll appreciate and respond to the attention and it will help her to feel more familiar in her surroundings once she is out of the womb.

Like dad, your other children may have felt a bit neglected or may miss some of the regular activities that took to the sidelines during the first few months of pregnancy due to pregnancy fatigue or nausea. Rekindle those activities as your time and energy allows and let your children know that no matter what, nobody – and no baby – can ever replace the special place they have in your life.

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