What to Expect When You’re Expecting: Women’s Health Associates goes to the movies!

July 18, 2012

When the movie “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” came out, it seemed like a great opportunity for the women who work at WHA to relax and hang out together.  As women, moms, and OB/GYN professionals, the movie was enjoyed by all.  Here’s a sampling of reactions from the women at WHA.

Melissa:  I didn’t use the book, but I thought the movie was hysterical because you remember back on the horrible things you experienced.  I thought it was going to be about having a glow, but it’s not all roses when you’re pregnant. The movie shows all the idiosyncrasies that happen and makes fun of the things that just go wrong that you don’t anticipate.  

Shelia:  I enjoyed the movie.  I went through different stages while I was watching it—it was an emotional roller coaster!  I was sad for the one woman, and happy for others. You really see what people go through when they adopt.

Linda:  It was a pretty cute movie and showed the variety of responses people have to pregnancy—some take it in stride and some are just miserable.  It also showed how times have changed.  When I was in nurses training, men always waited in the waiting room.  At the end of the movie, there’s a support group or something for men.  Women expect men to pitch in with childcare now, whereas men used to just enjoy the baby.  I think it’s a good change! 

Kris L.: Working at an OBGYN office gave me a unique appreciation of the movie.  The main point I felt is that no one can predict the unexpected challenges they’ll need to overcome in having a baby. Fortunately, many women have gone through childbearing and the guidance they give can be invaluable to expectant mothers.  While working here I have met women with similar problems as those portrayed in the movie, and what I take from it and what we as health care professionals always try to present to our patients is that knowledge, love, and the support of family, friends, and a great OBGYN can help any expectant mother meet their challenges head on.

Krista:  I read but don’t remember the book anymore.  It is a distant memory.  I liked that the producer showed different ways a family is a family and some trials that the couples endured during the pregnancy.  I related to the blond that had the most issues!

Soon-to-be-mom Heather:  I thought the movie was pretty funny.  I loved that it showed the differences in people’s experiences because right now people expect me to have the same experiences they had—be the same weight, have the same size belly…Wait, we’re not the same person!  I was a little scared at the end when they are screaming during labor.  I was cringing in my seat! 

Amber:  Elizabeth Banks—the blonde—was hilarious. She has bloating, constipation, sweating, and these are concerns that we hear about. “Who says they’re glowing?!” Oh man, we hear that all the time!